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Hood Liner Heat Shield TR7 TR8

  • Triumph TR8 bonnet liner w/ logo
  • Triumph TR8 bonnet liner
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Product Description

This adds a much cleaner look to your engine compartment, holds up to water, oil, petrol and mildew, much better than the OEM hood pads and keeps the exterior of the hood cool while not reflecting engine heat back down toward your intake. It's actually made for covering the firewall in aircraft and is FAA approved for aircraft.


Compare this hood liner to a factory original or factory replacement.


                                                  Factory Liner               This Liner

Will it rot?                                    Yes                                 No

Material                                        Latex Foam              Vinyl Nitrile

Fire Retardant                              No                               Yes

Sound Insulator                            Yes                              Yes

Heat Insulator                               Somewhat                  Yes

Oil resistant                                   No                               Yes

Chemical resistant                       No                               Yes

Water resistant                             No                               Yes

Mildew Resistant                          No                               Yes

Washable                                      No                               Yes

Nifty Triumph logo                               No                               Yes



Made of 1/4 inch nitrile vinyl closed cell foam rubber, it will not absorb water or oil. Its light, about 14 ounces, and is also fire retardant and insulates against sound and heat.

You can wash it and hose it off. Since it’s made for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads, it’s extremely light and unlike the factory liner will not absorb water and resists mildew. It has a smooth finish and the color is black.

Its pre cut to fit all model Triumph TR7 and TR8s with the same design as seen in the photographs. The material will flex to fit the buldge in the TR8 hood.



Liner Instructions

If you plan on adding a decal to the liner please note that the decal must go on the smooth side of the liner. The decal will not adhere to the textured side. Put the spray adhesive on the textured side and the underside of the hood.

To install this liner I recommend 3M spray adhesive #80. Its a high temp adhesive made for this type of material. Do NOT use general adhesive sprays or sprays designed for carpet. On my own car, 3M # 80 has held up for several years.

  • On some models, it is easier to remove the hood to install it.
  • The hood liner is resistant to water, oils, heat etc, but its not indestructible. If you pull it too hard or gouge it with a tool it will tear. Handle it carefully.

·         It's pre-cut to fit without trimming but if you stretch it don't worry, you can trim it off at the bottom.

·         With the hood on a smooth flat surface and protected from scratches dry fit it to get a feel for the material and see how it lines up.

·         Mask off areas to protect from over spray.

·         Follow the instructions for the adhesive you're using.

·         Spray the hood with adhesive.

·         Cover the area you just sprayed with wax paper. The kind you get at a grocery store. The wax paper should be bigger than the hood liner so you can grab the ends.

·         Spray the hood liner with adhesive.

·         Set the liner into place on top of the wax paper.

·         Line it up and tuck in the sides and corners.

·         When it’s lined, up pull out the wax paper and press the liner into place.


If you have a helper, apply adhesive to the liner and hood. Hold the liner over the hood at all four corners and line it up. When it’s lined up, drop it into place. Smooth it from the center out, tuck it under the edge and trim off any excess .If you get any air bubbles when you drop it and they won’t move to the end when you smooth it, poke it with a pin to let the air out.


Standard Decal Installation Instructions


 To install the decal you’ll need. water. spray bottle or sponge, chalk, rubber squeegee or a credit card, clean rag.

1.    Make orientation marks on the liner where you want it to go with chalk.

2.    Spray or sponge the liner with some water covering the area you have marked off.

3.    Peel the opaque application tape cover sheet off the backing paper. The decal should remain stuck to the opaque application tape cover sheet. If necessary. to make sure the decal will stick to the opaque application tape cover sheet and not the backing paper, lay the decal on a flat surface and apply pressure to the entire decal using a squeegee, credit card or you finger. Lift the edge of the opaque cover sheet at one corner and peel it off. Start at a corner and slowly pull back, PARALLEL to the surface. DO NOT pull away from the surface.

4.    With the opaque cover sheet on the side facing away from the liner, hold it by the corners, with the decal toward the liner, line it up and place it on the wet liner.

5.    Make any further adjustments needed to align it correctly.

6.    Using  the edge of a  credit card or squeegee, squeegee out the water, from the center to the sides, top and bottom. Get out all the air bubbles and water from under the vinyl decal.

7.    Wipe up the excess water with a clean rag.

8.    Let it dry for a few minutes.

9.    Lift the edge of the opaque cover sheet at one corner and peel it off. Start at a corner and slowly pull back, PARALLEL to the surface. DO NOT pull away from the surface.

10.If any corners lifted, you can push them down with  a fingertip.

11.Let it dry for a few minutes more and wipe with a damp cloth.

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